Almost Christmas… almost

Thanks for a good week year 6. You really helped me out enormously getting a lot of stuff done. The Christmas cards looked great and it was great to do some maths that was not fractions!

More Position and movement in Maths next week, luckily it can get quite Christmassy!

Few important notes. Wednesday is Christmas lunch and Christmas jumper day. Thursday evening will be when the school Nativity will go live on YouTube (just like the Welton Wizard Assembly) and Friday is mufti and Crazy hair day for the last day. Please bring in £1 for charity.

Lights, camera, action.

We’ve started to film the scenes for the school nativity. I’m so impressed with how everyone is getting together to do their thing. I’m also delighted that most of the ideas have come from the kids. You’ll witness some of their much loved humour in a few weeks!

I’m moving house tomorrow so won’t be at school, but I’m sure they will have a great day with whoever will be in to cover. Homework this week will be word problems relating to fractions. I feel that we need to practice word based maths problems a little more.

We’ll start decorating the classroom next week. If you have any decorations that you’re not going to use this year, feel free to donate them to us!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you all again on Monday.

Mr Dobson

Thanks year 6!

Thank you year 6 for your hard work, these assessments are really useful for me to see how you’re getting on so I appreciate your hard work. If you missed any of the tests, I will find time next week for you to complete them.

Homework: Lots of people had asked me for some extra time with homework this week. That is absolutely fine as I’m aware there was a lot. I will extend the homework deadline until next Friday the 27th. This will give you more time to work on the long division me more time to help those who have asked for it. If you have finished the homework and need something extra to do, I suggest working your way through these questions. Fantastic revision material! Page 7 is what we have most recently studied.

Next week we’ll carry on with fractions, we’re doing really well so we’ll keep going! In English we are going to look at Diary entries study in grammar what personal, possessive and relative pronouns are.

Quick pronoun revision for anyone who needs it…

Science we’ll dive deeper into electricity and in Topic we’ll continue to have fun looking at the Georgians’ influence on Bath.

in Art we’ll start part 2 of our Maths and Art topic and look at how to create fascinating circles and ellipses using straight lines.

Next Week in Eagle Class

Thank you all for a nice week. I’m looking forward to reading your letters to your year 7 tutors!


Next week we will do the next round of SATS mocks. They will take place on Tuesday L2, Wednesday L1 and 2, Thursday L1 and 2 and we’ll do the spelling on Friday. These are really important for us to see what we need to work on in English and Maths, so please don’t worry about them to much!

I’ve given out some more (I know, I’m sorry) homework on long division. I’ve tried to find a good online video to help, but I think I’ll make my own and upload it instead. However, in the meantime this one isn’t bad!

Have a great weekend folks and remember, if you need any help I’m happy to see any of my year 6s just before school or during morning break.

Mr Dobson

What a great week!

Thank you year 6 for a fantastic week. I really enjoyed it and I feel we made great progress with our fractions work and with our argument writing.

Next week we will be looking at adding and subtracting fractions, this video gives a fantastic overview of the topic

Spellings this week are as follows…

apparent committee curiosity guarantee lightning parliament recommend soldier vegetable especially.

A reminder that children in Primary school do not have to wear a mask at school. However, if they feel more comfortable wearing one then of course this is ok.

Finally, I have some wonderful news! Mrs. Hollidge gave birth this morning to Poppy Grace. I will hopefully speak to her this weekend to congratulate her.

Hi all (finally)

Hi all, I’ve finally managed to gain access to this blog and will now be posting important information quite frequently so please do check in a couple of times a week.

If I have not met or spoken to you yet, as you will already know I’m Mr Dobson. I grew up in Bath and have just returned from living in Spain for sometime. It’s great to be back, even if de-icing my car is a thing that I have not done in many years! I’ve lots of experience teaching years 5 and 6, and so far and having a fantastic time at Welton, the children of Eagle class and the other members of staff have made sure of that!

A few important updates…

Thank you to those who have booked in appointments for parents evening. The program that we are using will only us meet at the exact times that you have booked and will automatically log us off when the time is up. If you don’t have access to a device, let me know and I will make an alternative arrangement.

The week starting November 16th will be term 2 assessment week. We will do past SATS papers for both English and Maths. These are really useful as I can spot any gaps in leaning and help to fill them.

In maths this week we have been studying fractions. Converting mixed number and improper fractions as well as ordering fractions on a number line. I am extremely impressed with how the class has handled this tricky topic. Here is a slightly odd video which should help!

Bye bye from me!

Dear all,

I would just like to say a quick thank you for all your kindness and support in this first term. I have really enjoyed teaching your children and look forward to seeing them again at the end of the year before they transition to secondary school!

I have left the class in the very capable hands of Mr Dobson who has made a great start in Eagle’s class. I know they are all excited to have him for the remainder of year 6. Your children are a wonderful cohort and I am sad that I can’t spend the whole year with them but I am off to have some baby cuddles of my own!

See you all in July,

Mrs Hollidge

New Camp Date

Dear all,

We have luckily managed to secure a new, confirmed date for Y6 camp. The new date will be the 19th – 22nd of July 2020. More information will be shared after the Easter holidays.

Many Thanks

Mrs Hollidge

4 Weeks in – an update from Mrs H

Wow! Can you believe we are on week 4 already? Time is flying by and unfortunately we are still in the throws of a global pandemic! Due to the pandemic our swimming slots have been compromised so far and we are trying to come to a new covid-safe arrangement with Midsomer Norton Leisure centre. I will hopefully be able to update you further soon but we will NOT be swimming before half term. Therefore, please send your child into school in correct PE kit on Tuesdays and Thursday.

We also have to have our windows and doors open to aid ventilation and therefore, as the colder months draw in, we ask that your children have lots of jumpers, vests and coats to keep them warm!

I have noticed that there are some gaps in the class’ learning following lockdown and I ask for your co-operation with reading at home. This will remarkably help your child with their learning. I am also aware of the social impact lockdown has had on the class. I am working on supporting the class in rebuilding relationships with their peers and encouraging them to remember our school values.

I would like to thank you for your support with homework. We have noticed that the majority of homework is being completed at home and this will support your child’s learning – particularly following lockdown.

We have been enjoying our WW2 topic so far and I have been particularly impressed with the maturity of the class when approaching sensitive topics such as war.